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No need for you to dream of meeting the love of your life. The app, which can help you out, is just being launched to the Czech market.

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About MeetYou

Attractive encounters of the first kind – love within reach

MeetYou offers its special effects thanks to a unique formula created by people’s true wishes and dreams combined with the tears of disappointed users of non-functional dating sites. It also contains the extract from the mysterious personal experience of MeetYou creators who have tried online dating with no success many times. This personal ingredient has eliminated any competitors’ deficiencies and turned MeetYou into an efficient mobile app which will certainly bring you the right partner.

There’s no need for you to be Sorcerer's Apprentice to find your ideal partner. Follow you intuition and the voice of your heart. Our app will surely make it easier for you. Arrange your next date via MeetYou … and a spark will fly.

Personal magic under protection – reliable dating site

We keep a close eye on your true self and that’s why we have made a functional and safe environment for you to use. Human-approved profile photos are a matter of course for us, as well as verification of profiles by e-mail and telephone. Unregistered people cannot view your profiles and you can also select the people who will see your photos.

The almighty filter searching for the ideal partner

Realise your dream essence by means of a perfectly-functioning filter. No more foisting of mystery-surrounding partners on you.

Magical chat to make natural connections

Do your magic with words as you wish while keeping your privacy for as long as you need thanks to our quality communication tool on a similar user basis as well-known chat applications.

MeetYou Premium

At MeetYou, you have a chance to date completely for free. However, if you desire the perfect environment, we can offer you the paid MeetYou Premium. We aim to provide a fully-functional app with no ads which we would like to keep improving based on your feedback.

Unlimited history

As opposed to the free membership, MeetYou Premium offers you, for instance, a full history of visits, sympathies, and chats.

Unlimited communication with anyone

You can also communicate with anyone without any limitation and without the need for mutual sympathies.

Overview of message status

In the communication, you will see when your messages were sent, delivered and read.

Security and privacy control

If you do not wish for your photos to be visible to everyone at MeetYou, you can have them blurred to others and provide the full display only to selected users.
Become a part of our unique Premium community starting from CZK 250 per month!
MeetYou Premium price list can be found here.

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Myths about dating

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Why am I still single?

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Customer support


How to get registered at MeetYou successfully?

Download our app and click at “Register”. Creating your profile is easy, the app will guide you itself. Follow the instructions. Finally, upload a photo in your profile. Done! Our philosophy is that dating is impossible without a photo. Remember, the better you describe yourself, the higher chance to find the right person. We would like to stress that you should take your profile seriously and only provide truthful and real data. The truth will come out eventually during a meeting in person. Your profile can be updated or modified at any time.

Which criteria does the photo need to meet?

Your profile photo must clearly display your face, not the whole figure. Photos with you wearing dark sunglasses, a helmet, etc, are unsuitable. Your profile photo should be current, not older than a year. It is up to you what other photos you decide to share, except the cases below. At MeetYou, you cannot share photos breaching any copyright or displaying nudity and sex, violence or demonstration of hatred or photos aimed for other purposes than dating. All photos are subject to approval, which may take several hours.

What to do if someone is bothering you?

If there is someone bothering you at MeetYou (by sending an excessive number of message, by being rude, etc.), you may block such a user. When viewing the person’s profile, use the menu in the top right corner (three dots) and select the option to block the user. After blocking the user, he or she cannot contact you via MeetYou anymore. The profile can also be unblocked in the application settings.

How to limit your profile visibility?

This options is only available to MeetYou Premium members. In the profile settings, select the “Visibility of my profile” and one of the options offered. If you wish to show your profile to a user who cannot see you, or who can only see blurred photos of yours, simply express your sympathies or respond to sympathies received from this user.

What are the benefits of MeetYou Premium?

MeetYou Premium will allow you to use all the functions of our app. For instance, you can have several photos in your profile, send unlimited messages including photos without the need for matching sympathies. You have the option to upload your own video to make your profile more attractive. You have the option to limit your profile visibility or you can visit other profiles anonymously. An unlimited history of visits, sympathies or chats is available to you. Complete overview of all functions can be found here.

How can you modify the info in your profile?

In order to modify the info in your profile, such as photos, descriptions or other data, proceed as follows: go to Settings via the lower navigation, then click at the top right pencil icon. Now you can modify your profile. If you wish to upload new photos, remember, they will only be displayed upon approval. When changing your profile photo, the new photo will only be displayed upon approval. The original photo will be displayed until then. Don’t forget to save any profile modifications!

Contact form

Have you not found the answer you were looking for in our FAQs above? Contact us via the online form and we will get back to you via e-mail as soon as we can!

Contact details

MeetYou is operated by Multilink, s.r.o.
Zlonínská 253, Mratín, Postcode 250 63
IČ: 07613288


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