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What should and shouldn’t be included in your profile at a dating site?

  1. Are you trying to create your first profile at an online dating site? Are you not sure how to do it right and do you wish for your profile to stand out from all the rest? Do you wish to attract more potential partners to be able to find the right one among them? Do you wish for your profile to be impressive? If this is what you are thinking, it’s the right way to create a more interesting profile than many other people have. It’s necessary to realise that your profile is the first thing helping potential partners in their decision-making. Either they are interested or not.

  2. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not

    The foundation of your profile at a quality dating site is to provide  information that’s true. Creating an illusion of being better or different from who you actually are is very short-sighted. Typically, this bubble burst on the first or second date and the truth will come out. Many people might find you nice in the online world, but in the real life the situation will be hardly as positive. Such faking might be a waste of your time and a waste of your potential partners’ time. A long-term relationship is about accepting your partner for who he or she is, isn’t it?

  3. Your profile should be visible

    In order to succeed, your profile should stand out from all the rest. When filling out the details in your profile, try to be objective, but not too reserved. Write the truth about what you consider as possibly important to your potential partner. Your profile should be optimistic, positive, and different from the others. Feel free to check out some other profiles and distinguish yourself. If it’s possible to add more details in the individual parts of the profile, then do so. For instance, instead of just saying you like winter sports, be specific by saying you like downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, ice-skating, and snowboarding. Making your profile a bit funny is certainly a great plus. The ones who don’t understand are not on the same wavelength, but those who notice you obviously share the same sense of humour. Make sure you read the profile several times and avoid making any grammar mistakes. Those could degrade even the best piece of work.

  4. Which profile photo should you choose?

    Nowadays, most dating sites don’t allow profiles without a photo. It’s only logical. Who wouldn’t like to see what their potential partner looks like? In other words, having a quality photo in your profile is necessary. Moreover, profiles without photographs tend to be visited much less frequently than if you decide to show your face to the others. The perfect profile photo shows clearly your face. Smile! Without a doubt, a friendly smile brings out positive emotions; as opposed to that, a photo of a grumpy face will put most people off. Always upload a recent photo - not one taken years ago in an effort to make you look younger. The truth will come out on the very first date anyway. When selecting a profile picture, avoid the ones where your face is not clearly visible, also avoid wearing glasses or a helmet, etc. Providing several photos can depict you better than a single one. Surely, everyone will like seeing your whole figure, or a photo capturing you while doing sports or other activities, a picture at a favourite location of yours, etc. Remember, it’s you who is being presented on the dating site, thus publishing photos of you and your close friends or relatives is not suitable.

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