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Myths about dating

  1. If you belong among those who find it difficult to meet new people despite looking for love constantly and if feelings of desperation and resignation are followed by feeling determined to find a new partner, that’s where the problem might be. You might get the wrong idea about dating and about yourself. Perhaps that’s why you can’t find love, even though the chances are there.

  2. I am unlucky, so no chance for me to find anyone

    It’s possible that you might have been unlucky with your previous relationships. But if you think it’s the only reason why you can’t find love, it’s not true. Your destiny is in your own hands and if you believe to find the relationship you are longing for, you will manage to do that. Just be patient. The others will sense your positive energy, which is the ideal contribution to every relationship. No need to be crying all night, because you can’t find true love. Go out instead and you will soon find out that someone important will come by.

  3. Others have an easier life than me

    Saying that someone else has an easier life than others may be true. However, as regards love, all of us are in the same boat. Everyone needs to be initiative to get to know the other person and work on the relationship to maintain it. Do you feel surrounded by happy couples only? You can often be mistaken about other people’s lives. Some people prefer not to talk about their relationships in public, so you might have no idea of what they have been through before they found the love of their life. Don’t be idealistic about the relationships of your friends and acquaintances, as they surely must have been through disappointment and failure.

  4. If there’s no spark, it can’t work out

    Trust us, sometimes love can be formed from a long-term friendship and even with someone who you wouldn’t find interesting at first sight. Sometimes love can be found only when two people get to know each other better and find out they have a lot in common. Nothing is lost if there’s no spark right away.

  5. All men just think about sex

    Not all men are the same. Don’t stop looking for love just because you think the opposite. Sex is an essential part of a relationship and who enjoys it, thinks about sex as well. Not only men, but also women think about it. If you have been through some bad experience, try to find another type of partner. After all, it depends on who you meet and what kind of relationship you build together.

  6. I’m not as attractive as others and feel too shy to date

    Many people are afraid of approaching the person they like. They fear to do something wrong and embarrass themselves. Try not to worry about that. Although there is a possibility of being rejected, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. If it doesn’t work out this time, it will work out later with someone else. Being attractive is no guarantee of a happy relationship. It’s like having money. Even that doesn’t guarantee you a happy and healthy life. Above all, what’s important is whether you can attract someone for being who you are. People who seem to be perfect often have the greatest problems with finding love, as they are classified as unavailable.

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