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General Terms and Conditions

  1. Service Provider

    The service provider of the MeetYou dating site is the company Multilink s.r.o., Company ID No.: 07613288, with its registered seat at Zlonínská 253, Mratín, Postcode 250 63, recorded in the Commercial Register, Section C 304056, administered by the Municipal Court in Prague (hereinafter referred to as “MeetYou”). The provider may be contacted by email at

  2. Definition and Terms of Service Provision

    • MeetYou provides its users with a dating application realised via the mobile application for Android and iOS systems. 
    • The user of MeetYou services can be any natural person who has attained the age of 18, who truthfully completes at least the mandatory part of the profile and who verifies its profile by email and SMS. A mandatory part of the profile is a current portrait photograph which needs to be approved by the service provider. 
    • MeetYou offers the possibility to arrange a contact with other natural persons, however, it does not provide any guarantee for such a contact.

  3. Membership Options

    • MeetYou provides two options of service provided - free membership and Premium membership. The Premium membership is subject to a charge according to the applicable Price List. Premium users may benefit from all functions of the MeetYou dating site. The differences between Premium and free membership can be found in the Price List
    • The free membership can be upgraded to the Premium level by paying the fee for the given period according to the Price List. Prior to the lapse of the paid period, the User receives a notification by email and via the application of the termination of the Premium membership. Upon the lapse of the Premium service provision, the free membership is still provided to the user. The user may renew the Premium service provision at any time by making a payment for the upcoming period.

  4. Payment Terms and Claims

    • The MeetYou service may be paid via the Apple App Store or via Google Play.
    • MeetYou does not guarantee any meeting of the user with any other person. MeetYou solely undertakes to disclose the data entered in the application and to keep the application operating for the term of the user’s Premium membership. 
    • The Premium service provision is not renewed automatically, the payment of the membership for a certain period does not bind the customer to use the Premium services for other periods in future.

  5. Personal Data Protection

    • The MeetYou service is subject to legal regulations, including but not limited to Act No. 101/2000 Sb., on Personal Data Protection. 
    • MeetYou collects and processes the following data: 
      • Mandatory data: name or nickname, email address, (not to be disclosed, email address serves solely for profile verification and for communication of the provider with the customer), mobile phone number (not to be disclosed, mobile phone number serves solely for profile verification), date of birth (not to be disclosed, solely the age of the user will be visible), sex, height in cm, body-build (user will select one of the default options), sexual orientation, location, and one portrait photograph.
      • Non-mandatory data: marital status, children, personality, life values, information on smoking, information on alcohol drinking, dietary restrictions, education, native language, other languages, hobbies, sports, favourite books, favourite music, favourite music, dream holiday, pets. 
      • Internal data: user’s ID number, application version, email address, telephone number. 
      • Within the PREMIUM membership, the following data is also collected and processed: 
      • Mandatory data: PREMIUM membership does not require any other mandatory data provision.
      • Non-mandatory data: PREMIUM membership does not require any other non-mandatory data provision. 
      • Internal data: payment details. 
    • The MeetYou service does not provide active collection of data from other sources. Except for the mandatory data provided during the registration, the User is not obliged to provide MeetYou with any other personal data. 
    • All personal data provided to MeetYou is confidential, it is password-protected and its transfer between the service provider and you is encrypted. MeetYou does not provide users’ personal data to any third parties. 
    • The details of the Privacy Policy can be found here.

  6. Rights and Obligations of MeetYou

    • The MeetYou service provider may perform unilateral modifications to the application, amend the manner of its functioning, regulate the the scope of the individual service levels, however, it undertakes to prevent any aggravation of the terms of the Premium membership during the course of the prepaid period. 
    • The MeetYou application is designed to enable the meeting of adult natural persons. The provider may temporarily suspend or permanently erase an account which is used by a minor, which is used for dissemination of contents of unlawful, offensive, bothering or untruthful nature or for dissemination of contents for which the customer lacks the relevant rights or contents which are not relevant to the application purpose. In the event of breach of the application usage terms, the provider may deactivate the user’s account immediately and, if need be, erase the account entirely.
    • The MeetYou service provider may restrict a repeated registration of a user whose account has been erased by MeetYou.
    • MeetYou does not transfer users’ personal data to any third parties for any commercial use whatsoever. MeetYou does not process the users’ personal data for any other purpose than the fulfilment of the application nature. Beyond the realisation of the application purpose, MeetYou processes data solely statistically by such means which disable the personal data to be found retroactively, for instance, it generally ascertains the number of its users, the number login operations for the given period, the number of contact details processed during the entire services, and so on.

  7. Rights and Obligations of the User

    • The user may use the application with the intention to contact another natural person. 
    • The user may not use the application to disseminate contents of an unlawful, offensive, bothering or untruthful nature, contents for which the customer lacks the relevant rights, to perform business activities, to realise advertising or any other purpose for which the application has not been designed. 
    • The user is liable for the veracity of the provided data, for the contents of its profile, and for its conduct within the application. 
    • The user must not damage the application, overload the application or abuse any deficiencies or technical restrictions. 
    • The user has the right to be informed of the scope of processing of its personal data, it has the right to access its personal data and to obtain a copy of such data, it has the right to have its personal data rectified, erased or have its processing restricted.

  8. Conclusion, Duration and Termination of the Contractual Relation

    • The contractual relation between the user and MeetYou is concluded by the completion of the mandatory registration data, by accepting these General Terms and Conditions and by submitting such data in the MeetYou system. Upon the fulfilment of the aforementioned terms and conditions, the provider’s consent with the user’s registration  will be granted automatically.
    • The contractual relation is concluded for an indefinite period of time. 
    • Either party may terminate the contractual relation by sending a notice to the email address of the other Party, where the notice period is 7 days of the notice delivery to the other Party. 
    • In the event of a serious breach of obligations by the other Party, both Parties may terminate the contractual relation effective immediately. 
    • The contractual relation may be terminated by sending a notice of termination of the contract or withdrawal therefrom to the other Party’s email address. 
    • In the event of termination of the contractual relation, MeetYou undertakes to make the user’s profile permanently inaccessible. Provided that it is technically and legally possible, MeetYou undertakes to erase all data by such means which will disable its future restoration. 
    • In compliance with the provisions of Section 1829 of the Civil Code, the user may withdraw from the contract within a time limit of 14 days of its conclusion without providing a reason. In compliance with the provisions of Section 1834 of the Civil Code, provided that MeetYou has commenced to fulfil the contract consisting of making the Premium services accessible before the lapse of the time limit for withdrawal from the contract, the user is obliged to pay the proportional amount of the agreed price for the performance provided until the moment of withdrawal from the contract.

  9. Final Provisions

    • The contractual relation is regulated by the laws of the Czech Republic. 
    • The MeetYou service provider may perform unilateral amendments hereto and provide the user with a possibility to object to such amendments.

General Terms and Conditions, version of 1 January 2020

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