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First date – what to do and wear?

  1. Are you going on a date? Are you nervous, as you have no idea what to talk about with your potential partner? Stay calm and read on!

  2. Basic prerequisite for a good date

    It’s the person in front of you why you are on the date, so act like it. Never play with your mobile phone, tablet or anything else. Unfocused behaviour would let the other person that you are not interested, or even that you feel superior or contemptuous. Don’t act like that even if you find out the other person is not the right one for you. After all, what’s wrong with having a coffee and say goodbye politely? As a matter of course, it’s best to stay focused and sober on your first date. Even a small amount of alcohol can distort your perception of the other person.

  3. Expectations

    If there is something you expect from the other person or, as opposed to that, something that could present an obstacle to your relationship, you should say so. It will save time to both of you. On the other hand, burdening your partner with a list of characteristics and abilities you prefer is inappropriate. It could discourage him or her and make them feel you are way too demanding. Remember, sometimes even a negative feature of your partner along with his or her other positive features may constitute an ideal combination for you.

  4. Don’t boast yourself too much and don’t pity yourself

    Never pity yourself or brag about your achievements. Also avoid discussing intimate issues. Talking about sex is inappropriate at this stage of dating. When looking for a new relationship, women, in particular, tend to have negative reactions to any sex-talk. Don't boast yourself of your perfect body – focus on your other values instead.

  5. Topics to save for later on

    On your first date, you wish to learn as much as possible about your partner, however, it’s best not to discuss topics, such as politics, religion, past relationships, and children right away and save them for later on. The first two topics tend to set off a way too passionate or even assertive discussion. As opposed to that, talking about your past relationships will cool down the atmosphere. And talking about children? If you already have some, don’t divert the conversation by only talking about them. The first date is only about you. It’s best to talk about anything else! Here you can find a few tips.

  6. Hobbies

    You can’t go wrong with asking about hobbies. Does your partner enjoy going for walks in the park, doing exercise, reading, dancing, doing sports, or does he or she love dogs or sightseeing? Feel free to ask about what your partner does in his or her free time. Don’t forget to mention your own hobbies and feel free to be specific.

  7. Education and jobs

    Would you like to know which school your potential partner studied? Then you should ask about it. Talking about education may not be too entertaining, but it will help you fill any awkward silence while thinking of other topics to discuss. Talking about education can easily lead to talking about jobs. Show your interest in what your partner does for living and whether he or she enjoys that. Feel free to discuss the details and talk about this topic, too.

  8. Travelling

    If you like travelling, talk to your partner about it. Which countries have you visited? Which places would you like to visit? And why these destinations, in particular? You can spend hours by talking about travelling if that’s what both of you enjoy. You might find out that you share the same dreams, and if things work out between the two of you, you can make your dreams come true together.

  9. Final advice – dress code

    The key to wearing appropriate clothes is to wear what you are comfortable in. Ideal clothes are the ones you like wearing and feel good about. Clothes that fit you well will make you feel more confident. At the same time, you will let your partner know who you are. Just make sure you don’t overdo it – keep your extravagant clothes for another occasion. No need to spend too much time by caring about your appearance. Your partner may not do the same and, in such a case, he or she might feel uncomfortable. Too much of anything is bad.

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