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Do you know when it’s best to start a new relationship?

  1. Would you like to be a couple with someone, but find it difficult to encounter someone suitable to have a relationship with lasting more than a few months? It’s likely that something is wrong. Starting a new relationship, you should feel strong, self-confident and not burdened by the past. Dreaming of a relationship should mean you want to live together, share and experience things, love and enjoy the happiness of being together. If you are looking for a relationship just because it’s expected from you, perhaps you might not be interested in a long-term relationship at all, or you might not be ready for one.

  2. You have unfinished relationships

    When reflecting on your past relationships, you feel neither anger nor pity, sorrow or regrets. However, you might still feel that your relationships are not over, regardless of how long or short they were. If you remember at least something good about your past relationships and focus on the best of it – because you spent a part of a lifetime with that person – you are ready to start a new fulfilling relationship. Nevertheless, if you suffer because of your past relationship, feel uneasy or sad about the way it ended, it’s best to wait with starting a new relationship until the last wounds heal. Your partner expects from you to be looking for a new fulfilling relationship rather than using it as a plaster for the previous one.

  3. Don’t rush the new relationship

    Sometimes we tend to jump into a new relationship because we feel alone or weird and inferior. Then we don’t think too much about whether the new partner is actually good for us and we enjoy being with him or her only temporarily. Despite the fact that such a partner fills in the void created by ending the last relationship, from a long-term perspective, it’s a bad solution. After a few weeks or months, you might find out that the new relationship is not working out and that’s when it ends. Not only is this process a waste of time, but it’s also very painful for the other person who might not feel the same way. Be considerate about others. Being considerate will be beneficial for you, too, which you might realise later on.

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