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Why am I still single?

  1. Do you not want to be single anymore? Would you like to find a partner, but it’s too hard? Find out the reason for that.

  2. You keep coming to the same places

    Do you regularly visit the same places and meet the same people all the time? Logically, this can’t help you meet someone new. Find you hobbies, go to more cultural events, and try to do something new. Discover new bars and cafés. “Be patient” may seem as a cliché, but it works.

  3. You are not active enough and you don't make enough effort

    People often forget that if they want to meet a new partner, they have to make certain effort. Try to meet new people, don’t just sit in your office or at home. Join someone at their table, start a conversation, ask for directions... Don’t just rely on someone who’s still single to approach you. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. You need to be active in meeting new people! If you wish to find a partner, you should spend more time out there and not forget about your friends who might be able to help you find your true love.

  4. You are a pessimist

    Are you not happy about your life and everything else? Are you pessimistic about any new opportunities? Do you dismiss anything new instead of just trying? What’s in your mind is what other people can see and what often happens, too. The people around you will feel how negative your approach is. No-one wants to have a partner who is sending only negative energy. Step by step, try to change things for the better and enjoy doing what you are doing. Be happy about little things. Your approach of the world will change, and if you will learn to become more positive, the way your potential partners see you will also change.

  5. You keep your eyes closed

    What if someone you might like walks by every day without you noticing him or her? Pay more attention to your colleagues at work, your neighbours, business partners or to the parents of your children’s classmates, shop assistants... Perhaps one of them is the right one for you.

  6. Sexual orientation

    Being unable to build a long-term relationship may also be caused by the fact that you are unable to identify your sexual orientation or to admit it to yourself. In such a case, it’s best to see a sexologist and start dating only when you feel clear about this issue.

  7. Online dating

    Internet is as common these days as a cup of coffee in the morning. We are living in busy times, no wonder we rely on technology even when looking for a partner. Take it as a modern alternative to the traditional way of dating. Don’t worry and just go for it! A quality dating site will multiply all your dating opportunities. The advantage is the large number of people you might be able to meet and the opportunity to talk to your potential partner safely before meeting him or her in person. You might prefer just talking online before going on a date.

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